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Welcome to Comfort Line Medical Apparel

The Comfort Line garment evolved from a practical need to maintain, protect and store a central line device, while providing freedom to the wearer and ease of access for medical care. We understand the challenges that living with a central line or port catheter can present. Our mission is to comfortably safeguard patients with a central line for all inpatient and outpatient needs.

Comfort Line manufactures a patented clothing solution for people living with a central line or port catheter. This garment is designed to safely secure the central line while creating a protective fabric separation and enclosure for the device. The angled pocket guides line connections away from arm movement and the easy snap seams allow the garment to be changed or removed while the central line is in use.

Central lines are often secured with tape directly to the skin or safety pinned to clothing. These methods of securing a central line can be the cause of skin sores, irritation or device damage. Comfort Line apparel is sensitive to both the needs of individuals and medical providers dealing with central line safety and protection.